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The Artura: McLaren’s First Hybrid Supercar

Every so often, a car comes along that changes everything. McLaren has remained at the forefront of automotive innovation for decades. Now, it has introduced the latest revolution in high-performance driving. The McLaren Artura is the automaker’s first hybrid supercar. Capable of reaching exhilarating top speeds, the Artura is as quick as any car in production. To create this vehicle, the world-class McLaren engineering team utilized the latest technology. As a result, the Artura is a McLaren unlike any other. Positioned for the future, it will introduce drivers to an all-new world of driving. To inquire further about the Artura, contact McLaren Long Island.

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The Future of Supercars

McLaren Automotive is an established leader in creating outstanding sports cars. Their current lineup features several models that feature leading innovation. With the Artura, McLaren reaches a new level. This hybrid has the potential to set new standards in hybrid driving. It will boast power not seen in other hybrids. Meanwhile, it promises to maintain the driving excellence of McLaren. The Artura represents the start of a new era, not just for McLaren but for supercars everywhere.

The upcoming Artura promises to reach new heights for hybrid vehicle performance. It all begins with the electric engine. It is small but mighty, keeping the car light and supercharged. McLaren developed an all-new 3.0-liter V6 engine for the Artura. As the first model to feature this engine, the Artura will give enthusiasts a glimpse of the brand’s future. It is exceptionally lightweight, and when working in tandem with the car’s electric motor, creates power previously unseen in an electric vehicle.

Signature Speed and Power

With the Artura’s release coming soon, the car’s specs already have prospective owners excited. The twin-turbocharged engine can crank out 577 horsepower and 431 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to electric technology, however, the Artura goes further beyond that impressive output. When combined with the electric motor, this creates a total output of up to 671 horsepower. The ultra-powerful engine inside the light body means that the Artura should reach staggering speeds.

Currently, McLaren projects the Artura to reach a 0-60 mph time in 3.0 seconds or less. Furthermore, the top speed of the Artura will be set at 205 mph. In addition, new technology will make it more fun than ever to drive with responsive handling. It will combine the high-performance standards of McLaren with the benefits of an electric motor. Overall, Artura’s capabilities on the road are one-of-a-kind. Drivers are sure to love getting behind the wheel of the Artura.

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Purposeful Design

To get the absolute most out of this all-new McLaren, designers and engineers worked together. The result was an exterior that both convey inspiration and aerodynamic principles. Every single curve has a purpose for the Artura. The design can be summed up as beautifully functional. Meticulously tested, engineers made sure that the car’s body will reduce drag, allowing it to reach its full potential on the road or track.

Sleek and sporty, the Artura’s body was meant to look good but also serve a purpose. Building off recent McLaren designs, the Artura takes aerodynamics to a new level. Designers prioritized airflow to optimize performance. They removed any unnecessary shut lines and panel joints to keep the car simple but highly functional. No detail was too small to consider. Doors open closer to the body and mirrors fold tightly. The Artura sits low to the ground and has a short wheelbase, keeping it smaller and lighter.

All-New Technology

A plethora of technological innovations took place during Artura’s creation. All new features and game-changing upgrades stand out at every turn. This includes many features to help drivers get the most out of the Artura. From the propulsion system to the battery pack and more, McLaren has gone about improving the car in many ways. One of the most important is the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture. This keeps the Artura as light as possible. In fact, the car’s total curb weight is just 3,303 pounds.

Throughout the Artura is a domain-based ethernet electrical architecture. This innovative technology ensures that the car’s components all work together. The ethernet architecture controls systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Since the technology keeps the electrical systems connected, the car can process more efficiently. Overall, there is 25% less cabling in the Artura than in previous models. The result is quicker data processing and transmission. Another benefit is faster driver assistance functionality. Thanks to the electrical architecture, Artura drivers will be safer and more informed than ever.

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For the Drivers

Speaking of driver technology, the Artura has plenty of new features. The same innovation found in the car’s engineering and design is also present in its cabin. More than ever before, drivers will feel connected with the road. Adjust the powertrain and handling control with the push of an easily accessible button. With the Artura it is easier than ever to customize your ride while keeping your eyes on the road. Drivers will get an immersive experience that puts the car’s outstanding performance front and center.

McLaren also included plenty of the latest driver-assist technology. Quite literally, the Artura can help drivers get the best drive possible. Adaptive Cruise Control makes long stretches on the open road stress-free. Features like Lane-Departure Warning and Auto High-Beam Assist will make sure the Artura has a keen sense of its environment. Lastly, Over-The-Air software updates will provide added convenience and keep the car connected.

McLaren Long Island

When released later in 2021, the Artura figures to revolutionize driving. McLaren’s latest brilliant feat of innovation will be in high demand. Customers around the world are already hoping to get in the driver’s seat. This car gives a glimpse of McLaren’s future. The technology included is sure to set the standard of other automakers will try to replicate in the coming years. For a groundbreaking driving experience, this is a can’t-miss opportunity.

If you are interested in the Artura, turn to Long Island’s authorized McLaren dealership. McLaren Long Island has all the latest information you need to find the sports car that is right for you. Our knowledgeable staff and fantastic inventory make us one of New York’s premier dealerships. Continue to follow us as new details emerge about the upcoming Artura and McLaren’s other exciting models. Contact McLaren Long Island today to inquire further about the Artura.

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