The NEw McLaren GTS

Supercar DNA

The GTS is designed to reset your expectations. It’s an all-out McLaren supercar. Through and through. No compromise.

But it also has an extra dimension: ultimate usability. That makes it one-of-a-kind high performance supercar.

Retaining the core McLaren elements of beautiful yet functional design, class-leading power-to-weight ratio – enabled by lightweight carbon fibre construction centred on a unique monocoque chassis – and unmatched driving dynamics.

Here is a superlight high performance supercar with sublime driver engagement – that you can enjoy the thrill of every journey.

Facts & Figures

Top Speed





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McLaren GTS has the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. A supercar heart, purity of responses and incredible acceleration defines its character. The car is alive to your inputs and will stir the senses. Now more than ever, thanks to increased power and torque. McLaren DNA runs through every detail. The sheer power and poise delivered by the GTS’s awe-inspiring engine and advanced lightweight construction is yours to savour. Whenever and wherever you choose.

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A Word from Mclaren

“When you want a true supercar driving experience, the GTS delivers that; when you want to relax on a longer journey or with luggage for a weekend away, the GTS is an ideal companion. This is a car that is true to McLaren’s racing DNA but with multiple layers of ability.” – Michael Leiters, CEO

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