McLaren Artura GT4

McLaren Artura GT4 Debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren Motorsport has debuted the all-new Artura GT4 race car for the first time to the public at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex, England. The annual event was held this year between June 23-26, and racing fans around the world gathered to take part in this year’s festival.

Based on the all-new McLaren Artura hybrid luxury supercar, the Artura GT4 hopes to continue the successes of the championship-winning McLaren 570S GT4 and 720S GT3 competition cars. The Artura GT4 uses the same McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture, which consists of a carbon fiber monocoque core that provides a rigid structure, greater flexibility, and a very strong and safe environment for racing drivers.

The goal of the Artura GT4 was to be as lightweight as possible, and the GT4 version is more than 220 pounds lighter than the outgoing 570S GT4. As the power needs of the GT4 car are not as high and hybrid powertrains are not permitted by regulations, McLaren was able to save 286 pounds by removing the Artura road car’s hybrid components. The space used by the hybrid battery is now used by the fuel cell and ancillary drive system, which helps keep the weight central and low in the vehicle.

The new V6 engine uses fast-responding turbochargers for better throttle response and fuel economy compared to the older engine used in the 570S GT4. It is also much lighter and smaller, improving the Artura GT4’s power-to-weight ratio and center of gravity. The engine is controlled using a Bosch Motorsport ECU which gives essential performance monitoring features, and is modular for ease of serviceability when time is at a premium.

McLaren has also paid special attention to the comfort and safety of its drivers with the Artura GT4. There is additional safety equipment, better ingress and egress for easier driver swaps mid-race, and many performance improvements that allow for safer racing in more varied conditions. McLaren is continuing to test the Artura GT4 and will start delivering cars to customers ahead of the 2023 racing season.

For more information about the McLaren Artura, please visit us today at McLaren Long Island and talk to one of our McLaren vehicle experts about the brand’s newest and most advanced hybrid supercar.


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