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New McLaren 720S GT3 EVO Announced

McLaren Motorsport has announced the launch of the new 720S GT3 EVO, which is designed to build on the success of the 720S in the international GT3 field beyond the 2023 season. The vehicle will be homologated for the 2023 season and is available as a new-build race car or an update package for an existing car. The 720S GT3 EVO incorporates feedback from teams and reflects the learnings from the 720S GT3, which has been a leading GT3 car since its first race. The car is designed to be accessible to customer outfits and drivers of all abilities, including the new Artura GT4.

The 720S GT3 EVO features several significant bodywork improvements that set it apart from its predecessor. The front bumper and splitter have quick-release fastenings for easy removal and replacement, and the design provides improved aerodynamics, enhances overall downforce, and shifts the balance forward, making the car more consistent in traffic. The front bonnet gurney aids in balancing and improves cooling performance, while the auxiliary lamp positions have been repositioned to improve visibility in longer-distance events. At the rear, the wing pylon mechanism can now be easily adjusted, and the rear wing gurney is taller to enhance downforce without upsetting the overall balance.

The 720S GT3 EVO’s suspension has undergone significant improvements, featuring all-new TTX40 Ohlins 4-way adjustable dampers with high-frequency pistons and adjustable lengths. The front and rear upper wishbones have been changed, with the front now adjustable to improve tire management options, including a new clevis for increased droop. The rear has improved geometry to suit upright changes. The uprights are also new, with the front featuring a bolted brake caliper for quick changes of the entire system as a unit, making it more robust in wheel-to-wheel contact situations. The rear upright also has improved geometry for tire management, increasing setup options. The 720S GT3 EVO’s brakes now have closed face bells for improved disc durability.

The 720S GT3 EVO is available for order now, and existing 720S GT3 owners and teams can purchase a complete update kit with the option to use existing hub units or complete upright assemblies. For more information about McLaren vehicles, please contact us today at McLaren Long Island serving New York City and surrounding areas.

Source: McLaren


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