McLaren Extended Service Contract Driving reassurance

Whether you own a Sports Series, Super Series or McLaren GT, you’ll want the freedom to drive far and wide, with total peace of mind. That’s exactly what the McLaren Extended Service Contract off ers you, with a range of reassuring benefits.
Your McLaren is a finely tuned machine. Engineered to bring you nothing short of pure exhilaration. Every day.

Our Extended Service Contract makes sure things stay that way. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind whenever you take to the road.

It covers most factory-fitted components against mechanical and electrical failure for up to 12 years. And should you ever need a repair, it guarantees parts and fitting meet the same meticulous standards your McLaren was built to.

So you can continue to get the most out of your McLaren.
And simply enjoy the thrills it was born to deliver.

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  • McLaren Genuine Parts used every time. Guaranteed
  • Repairs by our Academy-trained technicians
  • Onward journey assistance in selected markets – gets you where you need to be
  • Roadside assistance in selected markets
  • Annual mileage cover – up to 12,000 miles/20,000 kilometres

The McLaren Extended Service Contract offers total peace of mind. Please Call Us to find out how.

The McLaren Extended Service Contract offers almost the same extensive cover level as the McLaren Warranty.
There are just a few exclusions, such as:
  • Batteries, tires, wheels and wheel balancing or alignment
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Bodywork, paintwork, trim and upholstery
  • Aftermarket accessories, or non-original equipment, components and systems that haven’t been installed by McLaren
  • General wear and tear
  • Water ingress
  • Software upgrades, unless part of a valid claim
  • Gas charged accumulators and spheres

For full details of what the policy covers, Please Call Us to find out more.

Coverage and eligibility

You can start your Extended Service Contract policy at any time once you’ve owned your McLaren for 90 days, right up until the car is 10 years old.

The policy available to you will depend on how many miles you’ve covered, the age of your car, and whether you already have a McLaren Warranty or McLaren Extended Service Contract in place.

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